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Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

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These days, everybody is hoping to earn some additional money other than their work or job. As you most likely are aware there are numerous way to earn money on the web. In any case, the most easy and productive way to earn cash online is web hosting affiliate programs (make money with web hosting referrals). The majority of you may not know about the term affiliate programs ? So first you need to know what is a web hosting affiliate programs?

What is Web Hosting Affiliate Programs?

Highest Paying Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is a marketing program. Here, you receive a commission for selling a company’s product or services (make money with web hosting referrals program). Also, this has become a popular way to earn a better income online. VIVIDWEBTECH.IN offers the best hosting affiliate program open for everyone. And, the program is easy and free to join. Besides, we offer great commissions. But, many of our affiliates praise us for the quality of our service. Thus, they rely on our services and endorse us. If you want to recommend a host that is the best for your customers or friends. Then, you can join our affiliate program. So, the more you refer, the higher commission you earn per sale. Also, we offer the best and easy payout options. You will receive your commission each month in your registered accounts.

We offer you nice perks along with our affiliate marketing. So, it is very easy to start earning a better income in no time. Feel free to contact us or message us for any further queries or details. Numerous members got benefits by joining VIVIDWEBTECH.IN affiliate program and they are earning good amount of cash.

How does VIVIDWEBTECH.IN Affiliate Program Work?

Make Money with Web Hosting Referrals

  •  We pay you back 20% commission on all referred hosting sales across all the plans. The higher the plan your referral purchases, the more you earn!
  • VIVIDWEBTECH.IN affiliate programs is totally FREE to join and open for everyone. It is very easy, just enter few required details of your’s and done. When ever your user & clients clicks on provided referral URL, he\she will be bring back to our website and their order will be tracked by our affiliate programs software. And Voila! You will earn big commission on that sales.


You can easily recommend VIVIDWEBTECH.IN and earn a handsome commission. Also, we provide high-quality services. Hence, our partners and clients entirely trust us. We are one of the leading hosting partners of many affiliates across the globe. Thus, you can make a great income through our hosting affiliate program. So, you can recommend us for the following reasons:

  • Excellent brand repute and top reviews :- We aim to maintain the quality of our services. Also, we offer 24X7 support to our clients. And, we provide an amazing top-level platform to them.
  • Best deals :- You can easily recommend our services to beginners and advanced users. Thus, we provide an easy and simple process for the new users. And, a huge set of tools for advanced users.
  • Better solutions for our users :- We offer great deals to our clients. This is the major reason behind the trust of our partners in us. Thus, we provide all the features and remarkable service at a fair price.

How to Join VIVIDWEBTECH.IN Affiliate Program?

Joining VIVIDWEBTECH.IN web hosting affiliate programs is very simple & very easy to join, just simply follow below steps & you are good to go:

  •  Sign up For VIVIDWEBTECH.IN affiliate program (Affiliate Signup) , enter your username and password and other details to create your account with VIVIDWEBTECH.IN.
  • Now Login For VIVIDWEBTECH.IN affiliate program (Affiliate Login) click on Login, enter your same username and password that you given while Sign up.
  • Once you become an affiliate, you will get an access to your own Referral Link or Text Link.
  • Attach this Referral Link or Text Link with banner ads. Once the visitor clicks on the banner ads, the visitor will gets redirected to the VIVIDWEBTECH.IN Website. Where he or she can choose from a variety of plans that VIVIDWEBTECH.IN offers & affiliate program will only work with shared web hosting.
  • Once the client places the order that conversions are tracked by affiliate software and then sale is generated and affiliate earns the commission
  • Be an VIVIDWEBTECH.IN Affiliate Marketer Today!

How to promote VIVIDWEBTECH.IN Services?

Referring clients can be really easy. You just need to put your affiliate link on your site. And, post it on your social media or contacts and emails. So, in hosting an affiliate program we offer a guide to help you out. Thus, it is very easy once you sign up and have your affiliate link. You just need to make the link accessible to the audience. And, every time they purchase from your link. You will get your commission. Hence, the affiliate should focus to market the products to their specific audience. Also, this puts a positive impact on promoting the brand, product, or services. And, you can make a better earning by referring clients to our products.

We offer some amazing tools that ensure affiliate success. All the tools help you earn better through affiliate marketing. So, the following are the tools we offer with the hosting affiliate program.

  • Eye-catching visuals :-We have a huge set of banners to call various sorts of users. Also, we have screenshots that may help you to engage your visitors. The attractive visuals play a vital role to convert traffic.
  • Reliable tracking system :-We own and manage a tracking system. This system lets us know about the details and report of your activity.
  • Better affiliate support :-We provide the best support facility to our affiliates. Also, our team helps you with personalized tips to help you earn more. Thus, our dedicated team is always there to help you to ensure your success.
  • Tools for the campaign :-You can create your separate marketing campaign. So, you may do so to find what’s best for your audience. This will help you to improve your marketing efforts.
  • Custom landing page :-The affiliates who constantly refer can have a landing page. So, this page will help them to translate their traffic even better.

Simple & Easy Payout

Affiliate user will get best commission from the only total order value of an active order(Note: pending order, terminated order, excluding tax & cancel order can not be counted).
Each Month (after 30 days) commission will be automatically sent by Paytm or UPI. Each time user balance reaches Rs 4000,

Affiliate user will be paid via PAYPAL,(Outside of India ),currency conversion charges may be applied by paypal
(within India) By Paytm / UPI.

  • Do not attempt to claim commission on your own hosting accounts or “Self-sign ups” or “Self Purchase” & affiliate commissions are paid on 10th of every month.

So, what’s the wait for! Join our affiliate program now and earn big commissions on each sale you refer. Hence, partner with us and be part of the best hosting affiliate program. Further, you can contact our team for more details.